Emily Sohn is a freelance journalist in Minneapolis whose stories have appeared in National Geographic, the New York Times, Outside, Nature, the Discovery Channel, the History Channel, bioGraphic, Nautilus, the Washington Post, Science News, Aeon, MSP, and many others. She has also written dozens of books for kids. Most of her work explores ideas in science, health and the environment, including news analyses that assess the science behind current events. Assignments have taken her to Cuba, Turkey, Stockholm, Fiji, Australia and beyond.

Detailed Bio

Emily launched her journalism career as the science writer on an expedition team that traveled around the globe, producing stories, videos, images and interactive content for an educational website viewed by hundreds of thousands of students in classrooms around the world. Guided by their young online audience, the team attempted to solve scientific and historical mysteries. Assignments included: AmazonQuest to Peru, GreeceQuest to Greece and Turkey, and ColumbusQuest to retrace Christopher Columbus' footsteps into the New World through the Bahamas and Cuba.

Emily was the founding writer for Science News for Kids (now Science News for Students), where she filed weekly news and feature stories for five years, and she spent five years as a contributing writer for Discovery news. She has also written many hundreds of stories for magazines, newspapers, radio shows, websites, book publishers (Amazon author page here), and more. She lives in Minneapolis with her husband and two sons.